Star Citizen Pre-Alpha Combat Review

Star Citizen Pre-Alpha Combat Review


Star Citizen has been making waves ever since Chris Roberts first announced his ambitious plan to re-introduce gamers to a full-on space sim. Many critics have been worried that Chris won’t deliver, but we’ve been seeing amazing growth and work from his studio that has been proving otherwise.

More recently Chris announced a pre-alpha build of the combat module of Star Citizen, much to the excitement of everyone watching this game develop.

Keeping in mind that this is a pre-alpha build, let’s see how the game fares in its current state..

Having played Freelancer, a vastly underrated game that should have had more love poured into its completion, I expected to be able to master combat fairly quickly. Quickly spawning into the game I found that it wasn’t so. I immediately exploded on spawn, due to some well placed enemy missiles. My first impression was that the ship was very sensitive to movement, which would require much more finesse on my part in order to fly the ship. It would also help if I learned the controls. A few deaths later, I figured out how to flare and avoid an instant missile kill.

After about five minutes of gameplay I hit my first game breaking crash. Not off to a good start, but I can forgive it since this is pre-alpha, and although I kept exploding, I was flying in space! The thrill and exhilaration that I get from these types of games started to flood back as my face began to sport a wild grin. It looks like I’ll have to check out the single-player practice session before I dare engage human opponents.

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