Archeage Initial Review

Archeage Initial Review


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Archeage is the long-waited for sandbox MMORPG from Korea, finally released to us in the US and Europe. Localized by Trion, this beautifully crafted MMO features a diverse set of crafting specializations, pvp options, trade commerce, multiple classes built from a variety of skill trees, and glorious open world naval PvP combat.

Unlike most MMO’s currently in the market, Archeage strives to be a little less hand-holdy than the majority of the offering. Although there are quests to help guide you along to the next zones, you are by no means forced to follow their pre-determined footsteps. Instead you are free to wander off to collect ore or plant a farm, or even go fishing and planting trees. It can be daunting at first to be given less guidance but the freedom to explore is one of the joys that this game brings, allowing you to play it how you want to.

Screenshot 2014-10-11 22.18.04One of the many perks of the game is land-ownership, however the initial land rush has made it difficult for many players to secure their prime piece of property as time wore on. Building requires you to either buy or gather your basic materials, then craft them into the packs used in construction of your new home, which allows a player to really feel involved and invested with the land that they now own.

Overall Archeage has produced a solid atmosphere with its city characterizations but most impressively with its landscapes. From the dry deserts of the Solis Headlands to the pillared rocks of Rookborne, each region takes on a life of its own and provides the player with a spectacular visual feast.

Musically the game has a beautiful fantasy score that doesn’t overpower the user within the game and adds to the ambience.

Pvp mechanics take nods from several different games, notably Guild Wars and Lineage 2. From Guild Wars and other similar PvP oriented games we get the conflict regions, some with strategic objectives that reward the players for their combat prowess. From Lineage 2 we get the massive siege battles and open world PvP that made Lineage 2 such a departure from the factioned pvp battles normally found in American MMO’s. Don’t like someone? You could flag them and fight, even within your own supposed faction. Although limited to certain areas in Archeage, we do see this element brought back which allows for some intense drama within the faction level.

Screenshot 2014-10-11 21.54.51This game is great for those who love to explore and craft or go on exciting trade runs. If you were a fan of open world PvP then you will like the conflict zones found within Archeage. Miss massive naval combat? Archeage will draw you into that as well. Siege battles? Plenty of that towards endgame as well.

Archeage makes allowances for PVE players as well as PvP players, one could stay in safe zones their entire gaming life and still go on trade runs, plant farms, and chop trees. However as the saying goes, high risk, high rewards. To truly appreciate this game you will need to step out of the bounds of safety and join in on the adventures in enemy territory or the high seas.

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