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In the midst of my daily internet exploration and discovery (this time through reddit) I came across this fascinating music hack developed by Paul Lamere. Titled “The Infinite Jukebox“, this app analyzes each beat of the song you select and creates a number of pathways of similar sounding beats. When you click play, the song begins, and there’s a chance that the song may jump down a path to a different yet similar sounding beat. In theory this means you shouldn’t catch the jump. You now have an infinitely playing auto-remixing version of your song. Perhaps it’s not a good idea to play “The Song That Never Ends”.

There is an adjustment tool you can use within the webapp in order to fine-tune the branching so that it’s more smooth or jarring, depending on your tastes.


Check it out here.infinite-jukebox-tuning infinite-jukebox-newsong


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