Run Android apps on Windows or Mac in the Chrome Browser

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Well this is exciting news. Instead of using an emulator like Genymotion we now have the ability to run APK files in chrome by using the ARC Welder app. Right now there are some limitations like only one app being able to load at a time. This can be mitigated by downloading the zip of the apk and enabling extension developer mode. Below is the article on verge but before that here’s a quick guide to get yourself setup. Remember that this is in beta right now so don’t expect everything to work right off the bat.

1. Browse to the Google APP store to get the ARC Welder app here.ARC_Welder_Install

2. After installing you will get the icon shown here on your taskbar. ARC_Welder_icon Click on it and look for the Arc Welder application and launch it.ARC_Welder_Menu


3. Run through the initial setup, specifying where you want ARC Welder to store files. Now you can add APK’s.

4. Download APK by going to the play store and finding the URL of the app you want, using either an extension or by going to this site to download the actual APK file to your computer. (Please note that this is against Google’s Terms & Conditions)



5. After downloading, use ARC Welder and browse to your APK. Select which options you want the app to launch with and launch it.
ARC_Welder_APK_Settings6. In my case I received the following error:

So some apps are apparently unable to connect out to the servers which they would normally be able to connect out to. It appears that at least for now you can only use apps which do not require a network connection.

Here’s Candy Crush working on the desktop. The advantages of running applications like this versus an emulator is the speed at which the apps will work.




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