Battlefield 4 – Night Operations Release

The long awaited release for Battlefield 4 has come out today with the patch announcement for Battlefield 4: Night Operations. This update takes maps most BF4 players are familiar with and turns them upside down with a new tactical twist. I’m looking forwards to using the new gameplay element for new strategies and tactics.

Some features to look forward to:

Destructible lights
At night, the map is littered with destructible lights, which you can use to your advantage. Want to make sure you gain the upper hand using night vision scopes? Take all lights out in an area and prey on your enemies!

Ground Level fog
At night, the exterior areas are blanketed in a thick fog – this fog makes it very hard to spot players on the ground from above – unless you sport a night vision scope…

Vehicle lights
All vehicles have lights, which makes anyone inside an easy target – don’t use vehicles if you want to stay hidden!

Flanking routes
With darkness descending on the map, using flanking routes on the side of the map is a very viable tactic to get around the center area and take a backside objective from the enemy.

BF4 Night Operations Release Announcement
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