Astronest – Error Messages

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The following list is the error messages that can be found in Astronest. They are pretty self-explanatory.

<error101>Wrong command.</error101>
<error102>Failed to create nation. Please try again.</error102>
<error103>Wrong command (Wrong packet ID)</error103>
<error104>Unknown system error. Please inquire with the administrator.</error104>
<error105>Cannot find nation. Please check again.</error105>
<error106>You do not own that planet. Please check again.</error106>
<error107>Not enough space to build facilities on the planet. First, secure space to build by developing the planet.</error107>
<error108>Not enough Gold for activity.</error108>
<error109>Not enough AP for activity.</error109>
<error110>No buildings to demolish. Please check.</error110>
<error111>No more space to develop on this planet.</error111>
<error112>The research item has already been completed.</error112>
<error113>The research item cannot be researched anymore.</error113>
<error114>Not enough minerals for activity.</error114>
<error115>You do not have any research facilities.</error115>
<error116>The planet has already been occupied.</error116>
<error117>No fleet to dispatch. Please check again.</error117>
<error118>Cannot attack; level difference is too large.</error118>
<error119>Cannot attack; level difference is too large.</error119>
<error120>Cannot attack nation; the nation has been attacked too often recently.</error120>
<error121>Not enough crystals.</error121>
<error122>No Fleet Production Line.</error122>
<error123>You have already occupied this planet.</error123>
<error124>You are already occupying another planet.</error124>
<error125>You have already been rewarded for this mission.</error125>
<error126>You don’t have a weapon equipped.</error126>
<error127>You don’t have an armor equipped.</error127>
<error128>You don’t have an engine equipped.</error128>
<error129>Command only supported on test server.</error129>
<error130>The part does not need to be replaced; the part is identical.</error130>
<error131>AP recovery can be used only when AP is at 90% or below.</error131>
<error132>Cannot add entry to list of enemy nations (Max: 5)</error132>
<error133>That name is already in use. Please select another name.</error133>
<error134>We’re sorry. This is the wrong exploration data. Please try again.</error134>
<error135>Not enough energy to maintain your fleets. Please upgrade your energy plants.</error135>
<error136>Too many users. Please try again later.</error136>
<error137>Cannot demolish. You must maintain at least one residential facility.</error137>
<error138>Nation is already registered in the enemy states list.</error138>
<error139>Nation cannot be attacked; the user has not accessed the account for too long.</error139>
<error140>You have already created a nation; cannot create nation.</error140>
<error141>Your level is too low; you cannot own any more planets (Number of planets you can own increase by 1 every 3 levels)</error141>
<error142>You need to update to the new version. Update now? (In some regions, the release can be delayed.)</error142>
<error143>You need to update to the new version. (In some regions, the release can be delayed.)</error143>
<error144>This account already has a nation. To transfer accounts, you need a new account without a nation.</error144>
<error145>You need to login.</error145>
<error146>Special devices cannot be equipped simultaneously.</error146>
<error147>Crystal has been rewarded already.</error147>
<error148>Cannot attack the same race.</error148>
<error149>You have already received the reward.</error149>
<error150>Cannot sell planet. You must own at least one planet.</error150>
<error151>Cannot attack; difference in planets owned is too large.</error151>
<error152>Cannot attack; difference in planets owned is too large.</error152>
<error153>Client version is too high; please try again later.</error153>
<error154>No more items to use.</error154>
<error155>You cannot use this item.</error155>
<error156>Not enough Cosments for research.</error156>
<error157>You cannot invade other countries when a shield is used.</error157>
<error158>Enemy country is using a shield.</error158>
<error159>Cannot receive emergency support. You have either already received emergency support, or time has expired.</error159>
<error160>You must level up to colonize more planets. (After you get your 2nd planet at LV 20, the number of planets you can colonize increases by 1 for every 10 levels)</error160>
<error161>Not enough Cosments.</error161>
<error162>Not enough research capacity to complete the research. Please upgrade your research lab.</error162>
<error163>Prerequisite research for technology development has not been completed yet.</error163>
<error164>Prerequisite research for technology development has not been completed yet.</error164>
<error165>Technology has already been completed.</error165>
<error166>Cannot hire hero; hero has already left.</error166>
<error167>Insufficient hero capacity. Do you want to expand it?</error167>
<error168>This Hero has already been hired.</error168>
<error169>This facility has been upgraded to the maximum level.</error169>
<error170>No fleets available for dispatch.</error170>
<error171>Attack formation has not been set.</error171>
<error172>No fleets available for dispatch.</error172>
<error173>Abnormal enemy fleet information.</error173>
<error174>The war in this region is ended.</error174>
<error175>Invalid ID or nation name. Please check and try again.</error175>
<error176>You already dispatched a hero to this nation.</error176>
<error177>You can’t dispatch anymore heroes right now.</error177>
<error178>You can’t dispatch anymore heroes right now.</error178>
<error179>You have already received the gift.</error179>
<error180>You don’t have that Tron.</error180>
<error181>Trons in use cannot be disassembled.</error181>
<error182>This hero’s level is too low;cannot use this Tron.</error182>
<error183>You cannot possess more trons at the current level. (Number of trons you can possess increase by 5 every 10 levels)</error183>
<error184>You already bought a Starter Pack. You can only own 1 Starter Pack</error184>
<error185>Insufficient hero recruit information for inviting a new hero.</error185>
<error186>You can’t appoint a Commander of First Fleet as a Minister of Planets. Please replace the Commander first to appoint.</error186>
<error187>Selected Title can no longer be used.</error187>
<error188>You have not acquired that Title yet.</error188>
<error189>You’ve recently defeated the selected Nation, and you can’t attack again, now. Try again later.</error189>
<error190>That country is already registered as a friend.</error190>
<error191>You cannot become friends with that country.</error191>
<error192>You cannot receive any more rewards.</error192>
<error193>You cannot proceed anymore practice battles with that country.</error193>
<error194>You have already acquired all information from the hero.</error194>
<error195>You cannot train anymore. Training has been completed to maximum level.</error195>
<error196>Insufficient item needed for training.</error196>
<error197>You cannot train anymore. Training has been completed to maximum level.</error197>
<error198>Insufficient item needed for training.</error198>
<error199>Hero dispatch is possible from level 5.</error199>
<error200>Not enough honor points. Honor points can be acquired from war.</error200>
<error201>You cannot invite any more friends today. (exceeded daily invitation limit)</error201>
<error202>This account is restricted.</error202>
<error203>Hero training can be proceeded with country level 20 or higher.</error203>
<error204>Hero training can be proceeded with country level 20 or higher.</error204>
<error205>You cannot make any more game friends. (maximum of 20 game friends)</error205>
<error206>The user’s game friend list is full.</error206>
<error207>That alien fleet has been already repelled.</error207>
<error208>That function is experiencing problems and cannot be used at the moment. It is soon to be fixed.</error208>
<error209>Dark matter needed for the development of that technology is insufficient.</error209>
<error210>You do not have the cube required for the development of that technology.</error210>
<error211>This is the cube required for the development of that technology. Dark matter can only be extracted when that technology has been developed.</error211>
<error212>Too many countries are participating in the repulse of that alien fleet, and thus you cannot participate.</error212>
<error213>You cannot add any more facebook friend. (max 30)</error213>
<error214>The user’s facebook friend list is full.</error214>
<error215>The war in this region is ended.</error215>
<error216>You can participate in war after LV10.</error216>
<error217>Not enough research capacity. Please upgrade your research lab.</error217>
<error218>You cannot expand any more hero slot.</error218>
<error219>Your friend request was already sent.</error219>
<error220>The fleet is already upgraded.</error220>
<error221>Your level is too low to add a new fleet.</error221>
<error222>You cannot purchase anymore.</error222>
<error223>You cannot purchase event package.</error223>
<error224>You cannot refresh LD shop list anymore.</error224>
<error225>You cannot expand your fleet slot anymore.</error225>
<error226>Exter already mounted.</error226>
<error227>Exter is not mounted to dismount from tron.</error227>
<error228>You cannot start a pursuit mission when you are under Lv 20.</error228>
<error229>You cannot start a free pursuit mission yet.</error229>
<error230>You cannot start pursuit mission. Your exter capacity limit is exceeded.</error230>
<error231>You cannot purchase package anymore. (already purchased.)</error231>
<error232>You already acquired event rewards. (cannot exchange)</error232>
<error233>You cannot exchange to rewards. (not enough exchangeable items)</error233>
<error234>You cannot upgrade Tron parts anymore.</error234>
<error235>Not enough Tron parts to upgrade.</error235>
<error236>The code is not correct. Please try again.</error236>
<error237>Rewards was already given with this code. Please check it again.</error237>
<error238>You already received rewards. It can be given once for each country.</error238>
<error239>You cannot dismiss Fleet commander or Planet minister. Please replace the hero and dismiss.</error239>
<error240>You cannot connect to the server because of lots of users. Please try later.</error240>
<error241>You cannot produce more fleet.</error241>
<error800>Entry is too short.</error800>
<error801>Entry is too long.</error801>
<error900>Cannot use network. Check network.</error900>
<error901>Unstable network conditions and failed to receive data from server. Please try later.</error901>
<error902>The ID does not exist, or the password is wrong.</error902>
<error903>Inapp purchase canceled.</error903>
<error909>Friend information could not be found.</error909>
<error910>Friend invitation has failed.</error910>
<error911>Disconnected from chatting server. Please try later.</error911>
<error912>The event has been ended.</error912>
<error997>There are some rewards that you did not receive. You need to receive rewards to participate another war.</error997>
<error998>Game data could not be loaded. Please restart the game.</error998>
<error999>Sorry. Cannot execute command. Try later.</error999>
<error_allies101>Cannot exceed max. number of alliances (Max. 50)</error_allies101>
<error_allies102>You are already allied.</error_allies102>
<error_allies103>You have already requested an alliance.</error_allies103>
<chat_error1000>Failed to connect chatting server. Please try again.</chat_error1000>
<chat_error2000>Chatting server login failed. Please try again.</chat_error2000>
<chat_error3000>Chatting channel does not exist. Please try again.</chat_error3000>
<chat_error3001>Exceeded channel. Please select another channel.</chat_error3001>
<chat_error10001>Login authentication failed. Please try again.</chat_error10001>


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