The Guardian Interviews The Division’s Creative Director Julian Gerighty

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The Guardian has posted an interview from The Division’s Creative Director Julian Gerighty. In it he discusses how Ubisoft was looking for a gritty real-world rpg from Massive Entertainment upon acquisition. Regarding the dark zone experiences from the closed beta, he reassures us by reminding us that in the full game, the dark zone will be a much larger area, so spawn camping will be less of an issue. Additionally, it sounds like the dark zone will be home to special events and activities throughout the year so it won’t just be a loot grind and pvp hunting zone only.

Julian also hints that there’s more to see with the boss battles and special enemies that we have yet to see, giving the players more dynamic enemies to contend with.

After playing the beta myself with a couple of my gaming friends I was immediately excited for this game, and as long as new content comes in over time I think we will be able to enjoy The Division as an RPG for quite some time.

The Guardian Interview



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