The Importance of Language in No Man’s Sky

One of the things you can do in No Man’s Sky is talk to various NPC’s. Each race has its own language, and by understanding what they are speaking you can figure out what they need or offer. Otherwise it’s left to chance when you select an option. When you complete the dialogue you have the chance of obtaining items, restoring health/shields, words, or even receiving a blueprint so it becomes valuable having this knowledge early on. You can find words by completing quests with the NPC’s, talking to monoliths, or to the Knowledge stones as shown below.20160815171154_1

One of countless knowledge stones.


Sometimes the word isn’t completely useful, like the one above, “hmm” but as you find keywords it becomes easier to decipher what the alien is saying.


We don’t know all the words this guy speaks, but we have enough to know what he’s offering.


As time goes on you will pick up more words so you can figure out exactly what they need and how to get the best reward.


This is a quick way to earn upgrades for your exosuit, multi-tool, or ship.


Keep learning those words and explore the universe!


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