New Star Wars: Squadrons CG trailer Showcases the Imperial Perspective

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A new Star Wars: Squadrons trailer has been released which is a 7-minute cinematic following an Imperial pilot.

Set over the Imperial Dockyards of Var-Shaa, Imperial forces are engaged in a defensive fight against New Republic fighters and cruisers. As the Imperials attempt to delay the New Republic ships, the station falls and the Imperials are forced to retreat.

A lone pilot falls out of formation in attempt to save a Tie bomber. His efforts are rewarded only shortly, as the bomber is destroyed upon their retreat. His ship is damaged and he ends up hiding in the debris field as the Star Destroyer jumps into hyperspace.

Star Destroyer leaves the Tie Interceptor behind

A single X-wing hunts the wreckage, and before being discovered, the Tie pilot engages the X-wing only to be further damaged and forced down into the atmosphere.

X-wing hunting debris for Tie pilot

As debris from the destroyed star destroys and station make planetfall, the Tie pilot evades capture from the X-wing pilot, barely escaping and defeating the New Republic pilot.

A lone Tie Interceptor is chased by an X-wing as space debris falls to the planet surface

Clearly this isn’t meant to be representative of gameplay for the upcoming game, but it does evoke some of the battles and duels that will be experienced in-game.

Star Wars: Squadrons is scheduled to be released on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 2nd. It will be VR compatible for PC and PS4, and will also have full HOTAS support for PC and consoles as well.


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