I enjoy good scifi and fantasy that exemplifies certain qualities:

  1. Great World Building
    1. Lord of the Rings is often cited one of the best examples of great world building, but I think other franchises have been able to do the same even if not to the same extent. Some examples include the Elder Scroll Series and Star Trek
  2. Good character interaction and growth: I’m particularly drawn by experiences that build up characters who work together for a common goal, often on a team or teamwork based environment. Seeing the character interaction and growth of these characters and their interactions expand, contract, and change is always fascinating and usually enjoyable.
    1. Once again I lean towards Star Trek: The Next Generation as a prime example, the Battlestar Galactica reboot I feel also has made this a primary point in how we see the different characters act and respond according to their static or changing goals or mindsets.
  3. Fascinating and extensive mythos
  4. Enjoyable stories and experiences