Trine 2 Chapter 05 Playthrough

I’ve been looking around lately for local co-op games for PC that I could invite friends over to play. My goal was to find games that could be accessible to a wider range of gaming skill sets so that a more unique group of people could enjoy the gaming experience. The first game I tried with a couple friends was Trine 2. Unlike most co-op local multiplayer games, Trine 2 is 3 players instead of 4. Due to this player restraint I recruited 2 friends, both gamers at different levels of gaming expertise. Trine itself is a puzzler platformer so it requires strategy, tactics, cooperation, and communication. These are all values I like to see in a game.

We started up the game with no prior knowledge and began playing. Sadly my first recording sessions missed the first couple chapters, and chapters 3-4 didn’t have the audio commentary recorded, so I’ll be starting with chapter 5. I’ll upload the previous two chapters at a later point. Here’s our playthrough of chapter 5.



I am a fan of science fiction shows/movies/games/media and I really enjoy character driven stories. Additionally I am fascinated by grand world-building and the mythos and technology that is created within these unique worlds.

My Rig:

  • CPU: i5-3550p 3.1Ghz
  • RAM: 32GB
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA 970 GTX latest NVIDIA Drivers
  • Drive: SanDisk SSD