The Killing Joke

Arkham City is a great follow up to the great Arkham Asylum action-adventure game featuring the crime fighting detective, Batman.

I really enjoyed the visual aesthetics and storytelling that were a feature in this game. I have a couple screenshots to share down below but two of them detail the ending of the game so I have it hidden under some spoiler tags.

[accordion_item title =”SPOILERS”]

Batman under the effects of the Scarecrow
Batman under the effects of the Scarecrow
BatmanAC 2012-07-20 20-50-00-31
Joker, under the effects of the Titan formula
BatmanAC 2012-07-20 20-50-50-25
Batman carrying the Joker




I am a fan of science fiction shows/movies/games/media and I really enjoy character driven stories. Additionally I am fascinated by grand world-building and the mythos and technology that is created within these unique worlds.

My Rig:

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