Trine 2 Chapter 07 Playthrough

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After playing through Trine 2 I’ve been continuing a chain of playthroughs of chapters as I get them uploaded. You can check out the previous post if you would like.

We started up the game with no prior knowledge and began playing. Sadly my first recording sessions missed the first couple chapters, and chapters 3-4 didn’t have the audio commentary recorded, so I’ll be starting with chapter 5. I’ll upload the previous two chapters at a later point. Here’s our playthrough of chapter 7.




I am a fan of science fiction shows/movies/games/media and I really enjoy character driven stories. Additionally I am fascinated by grand world-building and the mythos and technology that is created within these unique worlds. My Rig: CPU: i7-7700K 5.00Ghz RAM: 32GB OS: Windows 10 Graphics Card: NVIDIA 970 GTX latest NVIDIA Drivers Drive: SanDisk SSD

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